Origami for Japan – origami para Japón

The country of the rising Sun has been devastated by apocalyptic catastrophe last Friday and still suffering from the aftermath of that horrifying event. As a manner of extending aid to fellow Japanese, Makiko, a resident of Madrid decided to start a charitable gesture of making 1,000 origami cranes. Please visit her site to see how to create one and send it to her.

Please let’s help Makiko in her endeavour and in turn help the Japanese rebuild their country, hope and pride.

El viernes pasado presenciamos una catástrofe tan horrorosa y apocalíptica en el país del sol naciente que aún sufren de las consecuencias de este devastador acontecimiento. Con este motivo y para ayudar a sus compatriotas japoneses, Makiko, una japonesa residente en Madrid ideó un gesto de caridad para crear unas 1.000 grullas (origami).  En su blog nos presenta un vídeo donde explica cómo hacer una grulla. Es fácil.

Por favor, ayudemos a Makiko conseguir su meta de 1.000 grullas y por conseguiente, extendemos nuestro apoyo a Japón a levantarse de las cenizas, reanimarles  y recuperar su orgullo.


About Joe MiRo

I am a freelance Filipino translator living in Barcelona, Spain for 16 years now. I maintain this blog to keep my mind and fingers wander and sort of escape the stressful life. You may see two or three languages on my entries because as a translator I can't help doing it, it just goes natural for me to "translate" them. My next project is create a TagalogSpanish dictionary. It'll be a hard task but I must do it because there are no good dictionaries out there in this language combination. Aside from translation, I also like photography and I usually take photos of my events, nature, women, buildings, etc. My other passion is music. I am a member (tenor) of Coro de la Universitat de Barcelona (Choir of University of Barcelona) and Tempus Musici. That's why sometimes you may see updates on our concerts in this blog.
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